Melboune Cup 2021 – The Garden Party

Get Racy @ The Argyle THIS Melbourne Cup

If 2021’s taught us anything, it’s to seize those milestone moments when the opportunity presents itself! This year we’re inviting you to join us for the 2021 Melbourne Cup.

If like us you are a little over that extended lockdown, miss your workmates or are keen for the boss to pick up the bar tab we’ve got you. The ultimate morale and mood booster awaits.

We’ll be transforming the entire venue into a plush floral oasis and with Sydney’s biggest open-air courtyard this is literally the place (you need) to be! Indulge in our 2-hour drink packages and picnic-style antipasti platters, from 12-2pm with prices starting from $99 per person.

Seeing the race won’t be a problem here, as The Argyle Courtyard is home to the biggest screen in the CBD + we’ve plenty of great vantage points to see it. We’ve everything you need and more, all under one roof and sky.

This is a COVID safe event, so rest assured that your safety is our biggest priority. Take the opportunity to spring for a new outfit, put on some pants and shoes and join us for a fun afternoon out at The Argyle!

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