Nino Brown, he’s dubbed as Australia’s #1 urban DJ and is widely regarded, and respected as a true master of the turntable. His sold over 500,000 Blazin albums, released multiple chart topping tracks including his latest single: “Status ain’t real” featuring IAMSU and Maribelle. With a man of many talents such as his, we’re proud to call him one of our own and as our resident DJ at The Argyle. Now we get up close and personal with the master and ask him few questions..

Hey Nino! Let’s get right into it. What’s the last album you’ve bought?

N: Pusha T – Darkest Before Dawn

Biggest act you’ve worked with?

N: Jay-Z, and I’m a huge fan – it was bananas!

What can we expect at your sets?

N: A lot of energy & fun ! I like to keep it moving!

What’s next for Nino Brown?

N: I just dropped my single “Status Aint Real” featuring Iamsu & Maribelle, and am about to do a 30 show tour around Australia & Indonesia!

Now for the juicy questions..

Nino, spill the beans, what’s your ultimate guilty pleasure track?

N: Welcome To Jamrock – Damian Marley, it’s just so classic! I often play it as a the last song of the night!

What would you say is your personal kryptonite?

N: Ladies that know how to dance can hypnotise me!

If you could have any special super power what would it be and why?

N: I would like to read minds ! Then I would really know what people wana hear when they’re dancing!!

When you’re not rocking it behind the decks, what would we find you doing?

N: Anything music related – I love music/DJing/producing, it’s my passion so I’m always doing something music related!

Any crazy fan stories?

N: I’ve seen a lot of crazy wild things on tour, phone numbers stapled to bras thrown on stage – the works!

Last but not least – what’s your favorite thing about playing at The Argyle?

N: I love big multi room venues, they’re so much fun, and that’s what the Argyle is, lot of different areas, different music & vibes, so you can stay there all night long & never get bored ! I like to party at the Argyle when I’m not working – NYE I was there from 10pm – it was CRAZY!

Social pages?

Sound cloud: digitaldopemusic
Facebook: djninobrown
Instagram: dj_ninobrown

Catch Nino Brown at The Argyle on:
– Saturday, March 5th
– Thursday, March 24th (for the Official ‘Status Ain’t Real’ Tour)

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