He’s undoubtedly one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet and his skill-work behind the decks will leave you in unspeakable awe. Meet K-note, aka Kwame considered as the hands down #1 Open format DJ in Australia/Asia and we proudly welcome him as one of our resident Djs-

Kwame, tell us, what’s your most memorable experience throughout your career as a DJ/Producer?

K: Did New York City Manhattan in Jan 2016 I was the feature dj start to close packed night to the point where people were coming from other clubs. Ended up playing till 4:15am allot of celebrities were in the house but most important was dj Kool Herc the God Father the urban movement came up to the dj booth and gave me a daps and took a pic!

Your go to track of choice when the dance-floor is peaking?

K: Be Real Thrizzo remix feat. Kid Ink and dej Loaf but most times I will just play what ever I think is banging to make people move.

The most embarrassing track you shamelessly own right now?

K: Christmas with Boney M lol

How did you come up with the name K-NOTE ?

K: I didn’t want anything flashy and my boy Jazzy who lived in New York use to call me “K-note” because my name starts with a K and I obviously was into music.

Ok. Now for the juicy questions..

Australia or Toronto?

K: Hmm… Can’t I have both? Summer Sydney/Summer Toronto

Tell us about your most embarrassing moment?

K: I accidentally picked up the wrong needle while djing. Oops!

When impressing a lady, what would your track of choice be?

K: Between the sheets – Isley Brothers

Ok we’re getting cheeky. Out of the following, who would you bed, shoot and marry? Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Donald Trump

K: Bed -Zoe Zalanda and Trump the rest!

Any quirky facts we don’t know about you?

K: I love watching cooking shows, plus I vacuum at least twice a day

Any crazy fan stories?

K: Naw, just a few panties thrown! Lol

Last but not least – what’s your favorite thing about playing at The Argyle?

K: The vibe the room has, plus when it gets packed it has a real organic feel to it almost like your in a club in the fashion district in New York

Social pages?

Facebook: Facebook.com/djknote
Instagram: @djknote
Soundcloud: SoundCloud/djk-note

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