Hold on to your hat’s Sydneysiders and meet BASSIK. They are a force to be reckoned with in the music scene and our very own double trouble residents, exclusive to The Backroom at The Argyle. Intrigued? Read below for all the goss… And for the record, they are anything but “Basic”

Who is ‘BASSIK’?

Both: It is Helena Ellis and Lavida mashed together with a whole lot FUN plus trap, dirty bass, hip hop and all your favourite R&B jams!

How did you met?

Both: It was actually our mutual gal pal, KLP who invited both of us to a party one weekend and the rest is history!

How did you first start playing together and when?

L: We’re both residents at The Argyle and one night I spontaneously asked Helena to go back-to-back with me behind the decks. This was somewhere in 2015.
H: Yeah I would come to The Argyle after my gigs (because Argyle is awesome) and this just came from a lot of impromptu back to back’s. It was just for fun, it wasn’t ever planned and we realised this could be something, joking around, that this could be a duo
L: Yeah truthfully we don’t know, it just naturally fell into place!

How did you come up-with the name?

Both: (laughing) it actually came from a personal joke and the term “Basic-b—h”, and because we play a lot of bass heavy music

What makes the two of you click?

Both: Energy!!! We connect. Each of us has similar but different styles.
H: I play a lot of bassy, rap, gangster music
L: And I’m all about the twerky, trappy, moombahton and commercial type
H: and it blends in together!
L: Also the fact that we’re both Leo’s

Is there anything that the other one doesn’t know about each other

H: In 2011 I was called to audition for the Pussy Cat Dolls group and got down to the final 10.
L: (laughs) Jeez… I’m going to have to step up my game here aren’t I ?! Okay. I got one! When I was about 12, I was accepted to try out for an Olympic swim team in Central America. Ha ha I tried!

What are your main differences?

L: Well Helena is Greek and I’m Hispanic. She’s also super tall and I’m super short ha ha.
H: I’m about 5’8
L: I’m just 5…. ha ha!
Both: We really don’t know our main differences, so we had to call in back up.. Meet KERRY she’s been to a lot of our sets! Kerry how would you answer this?
Kerry : Ha ha beside the obvious I would also say you both have different music styles but they compliment each other like ying-and-yang! Also you’re both super energetic and know how to work the crowd but with your own personalities. –Thanks Kerry!

Any pet peeves about each other?

L: Yes. Helena is still on her P’s
H: When we go out I have to drink more because she’s so little and gets tipsy quicker ha ha ha

Do your personalities ever clash?

H: No we keep up with each other’s energy.
L: Yeah if we really clashed I don’t think this could’ve worked in the first place
H: We understand each other and just ‘click’. You cannot force that.

Okay ladies, rapid fire time –

Guilty Pleasure:

H: Tim Tams
L:  Re-run’s of The OC and anything 90s

Do you have a hidden talent?

H: Talented at solving peoples problem.
L:  Like on fleek?
H: Yes I have advice on fleek! And I’m also a really good third wheel
L:  I can hold my breath for a really long time.

Hard or soft?

H: Bit of both
L:  Depends on the circumstances. With sweets, soft, always.. ha ha

Sweet or sour?

Both: Sweet!

Any phobias?

H: Ghosts
L: Pitch black darkness & cockroaches

What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?

H:  I’ve had a couple…once I was in Greece and I was wearing a boob-tube (strapless) and my friend pulled it down and I wasn’t wearing a bra. There were so many people around, and all saw my boobs.
L:  Ha! It was a swim carnival back in high-school. It was the finals. For some reason I was wearing a two piece at the time, and after diving the bottom just slid right off..bared it all.

If you could go on a road trip with any person (dead or alive), who would you choose and where would you go?

H: Oh definitely 2pac, Notorious B.I.G and I would road trip it to Vegas
L: Yeah I’ll meet her in the middle with the Vegas choice. And I would say James Dean because he is such a babe. Oh and Diplo, I want to pick at his brain like no tomorrow!

Last but not least, when can we catch you next at The Argyle?

– Saturday, March 12th
– Friday, April 1st
– Saturday, April 9th
– Friday, April 29th

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