Up close and personal with Dj Crespo

Growing Up

I grew up in a musical melting pot of a household. My mom who is Puerto Rican and my dad, who is Filipino were always jamming to the likes of the Bee Gees, Donna Summer and Otis Redding. My sister was a straight hip hop head, she introduced me to Outkast, Big L and Gangstarr. I’ll never forget attending her local hip hop club meetings and watching the B-boys breakdance, I was so fascinated by the DJ and his ability to control the tempo of dance.


My musical insertion comes from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Flume, Outkast, Jay-Z, Nero and DJ AM to name a few. I’ll never forget getting my first cassette tape. It was ATLliens by Outkast, I damn near broke the tape from listening to it on repeat so much. This album opened my mind to a new world of music.

Your Band

I’m a solo Disc Jockey, I go by the name of Dj Crespo and I believe strongly in the art of DJing. There’s nothing that can replace a good selection of songs, mixed perfectly together throughout a night. Making people dance is what brings me alive. I’m a creature of the night, I love rocking nightclubs, they are my place of comfort. I’ve recently played some huge festivals from TomorrowWorld to EDC Las Vegas, I love controlling people through music and dance. I’m the selecta.

The Music You Make

The music I make and play is an expression of how I’m feeling at that moment. I’m not afraid to mix The Temptations in to Future, and then cut in some Tribe Called Quest. Genre’s are meant to be bended and bridged and DJing allows me to tell a story through music. I recently recorded a song with Grammy Award winner Fatman Scoop and my good friend Landis called “Lose Control” it’s a big house tune. I grew up listening to Scoop, being able to work with him was huge dream come true.

Music, Right Here, Right Now

As with everything else in the world right now, the music scene is over saturated. Everything sounds the same, its a bit mundane for me right now. I respect those trying to do something out of this world and different. The boundaries need to be pushed, and musicians need to start making music for themselves, not for whats going to make them the most money. Money doesn’t last forever, but a timeless record does.

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