If you’ve spent a Friday night at The Argyle, we can pretty much guarantee you’ve cut shapes in our urban room with these two lunatics!

You guys have been creating quite a stir since you started playing together on a Friday night, how would you sum up the “Sabio & Mike Champion show”

When Friday comes around I get that feeling of pure excitement and anticipation because I know week in week out the vibe between Sabio Myself and The Argyle crowd is goin to be lit. You can’t sum up this Freshness. You just gotta catch the good vibe we provide and roll with it!

Three words that sum up your show?

“No Flex Zone.”

Sabio what new tunes are working for you at the moment?

There’s too many to name.. I’m constantly grabbing new music to implement within my sets to keep people interested at all times. Between my old-school and new-school track selection delivered by my mixing techniques, I aim to keep the crowd entertained at every performance, after all that’s what it’s all about – entertainment! And between the both of us with our energetic nature – we showcase quite an entertaining show!

Mike what’s your go to lyric to get the crowd bumping

“You Can’t Sit Down…You Gotta Get Up!”

Finally tell us why people need to check out your show?

People need to see us in action so they can remember to let go and enjoy themselves. Life ain’t so serious all the time. “Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it…and when we do it, we do it and we do it so well!!!!”

Catch Mike and Sabio every Friday at The Argyle upstairs in The Backroom

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