The Night Is Ours feat. Rojdar

Saturday 30th March

Sydney you’re in for a treat

We’re bringing you the one- and only party starter AND self-professed King of Pop. Yep you guessed it Rojdar is returning and it’s going to be HUGE!!

We’re seeing out the month with ROJDAR who’s on loan to us for the night, from the city of Melb’s! If you’ve seen this kid perform before, you’ll know he is the party!! His energy behind the decks is infectious, the party vibe is monumental, and the tunes he throws down are something else! It’s not un-common to hear a banger, a little Miley Cyrus and then maybe some Lionel Richie. Random right, but so so good! Half the fun is not knowing what he’s got up his sleeve, but one things assured the dance floor loves it and good times are guaranteed.

On support duties we’ve DJ’s: Cadell, Charles Oliver, Frankie Romano, Emalia Jane and our lovely Argyle Dancers.

In the Back Room: If RnB is more your jam, then our dedicated RnB Room is for you. DJ’s DLE, Trey and I-Dee – hosted by Mike Champion will be taking care of ya’ll all night long.

Early bird tickets are now available at only $10. Snap them up now, and we’ll see you on the dance floor at Sydney’s favourite Saturday club night! #TNIO


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