Tapas Wednesday

From 11am ’til late

The Spanish were onto something when they devised and developed the foodie concept we now know and love to be Tapas.

Tasty bite-size morsels of delicious small plates and eats, which are the perfect snack to feast on over a drink or two. Join us every Wednesday as we serve up authentic Tapas with an Argyle Twist. Plates starting from as little as $2 per plate, snack, share or dine on the best tapa around like our Arancini, sliced gourmet meats and the best olives around – to name a few. We’ve also $5 glasses of Sangria, or why not go in and go for a jug at $19.

We’ve salsa sounds and live entertainment too, and entry is always free. Eat your way thru the continent of Spain without having to splurge for an affair! Ole!!

Reserve your spot today: Tel. 02 9247 5500



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