Sunday Social

Don’t let Monday ruin your Sunday

Are you over having no life? Sick of working every weekend? Constantly serving suits and celebrating other people’s special occasions? Constant state of FOMO? Tired of the man getting you down!

Then it’s time to reclaim you weekends, and stop having yourself a pity party!

We’re making it our mission week in and out to bring you a solid Sunday Sesh. We’re putting the Funday back in Sunday, we’re opening up our doors at The Argyle for you our hard working hospo pals.

We’ll fetch you drinks, give you a real weekend feeling night out, plus somewhere you can spend your weeks worth of tips! The best bad ass bands and DJ’s around, and we’re bringing all you loved up hospo heads together so we expect a few blossoming relationships will ensue!

We’ll be serving up some killer discounts, so bring along your RSA card and flash it at a bartender to save those dollar dollar bills! Let’s be real, in hospo nothing really happens on a Monday before noon, so start living up your life!

#sinsunday #doit

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