Halloween Weekend: The Argyle Asylum

We’ve been mad for some time at The Argyle but it’s official as this Halloween we’re transforming the entire precinct into the Argyle Asylum!

Not for the faint hearted, prepare yourselves as unleash what can only be described as hell on earth! A multi-sensory, nightmare inducing 2 massive nights, will see us throw tricks, treats, the fun and crazy your way. With the best DJ’s and performers, artists and entertainers around we’ll also have delicious and ghoulish eats and drinks to really get you into the spirit of it all!
If like us, you like to kick up your heels and give in to your inner buck wild charms, admit yourself to the Argyle Asylum. It’s going to be truly insane.

Friday 27th Oct

Are you brave enough to admit yourself to the freakish fun house that is the Argyle Asylum? Join us for what’s set to be complete and udder madness, as we transform the Argyle into an inner-city sanctum for those crazy enough to come! Dress to impress and don you’re freaky ghoulish get up! Free entry before 9pm on guest list

We’ve released from solitary confinement just for the night to entertain you; Jesabel, DJ I-Dee, The Faders (Sui) and MINX

Who knows what will be lurking behind every corner or turn… Friday its fright night, so join us if you dare!!

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Saturday 28th Oct

We’ve saved the best for last! Join us for our 2nd massive night here, as part of our Halloween weekend Asylum take over.

If you’re not a little already, by the end of the night, we expect you’ll be stark raving mad! Expect the unexpected, and let us transport to the fiery depths of hell! There’ll be so much fun, madness and crazy going on here, by the end of it you’ll be questioning your own sanity (and that of your friends)!

Dishing out what the Dr ordered, will be your prescribing physicians – BROOKLYN, TASS, Yoji and Mike Champion.

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$30 Second Release
$40 Final Release

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