Argyle Happy Hour

Hands down, Happy Hour’s the best hour (s) of the week here at The Argyle!

Wrap up your working day and slip into something a little more comfortable each afternoon here at The Argyle.

Join us 4 -7pm Wednesday – Saturday and make the most of our amazing food and drink specials!

Wetting your whistle need not break the bank, with something for everyone. Choose from:

β˜•οΈ $5 Teacup’s
πŸ₯’ $5 Pimm’s Cup
🍸 $5 Lychee Margarita
🍹$5 Aperol Spritz
πŸ₯­ $5 Mango Castaway (frozen)
🍷 $5 Pink G&T
πŸ†’ $5 Cape Cooler Cocktail
🌸 $5 Rosé
🍻 $5 Beer, Wine & Spirits
🍸 $7.5 Espresso Martini
🍹$10 Long Island Iced Teas

See in-venue for our full happy hour range

The Argyle promotes the responsible service of alcohol


Any wood-fired pizza for $10

* T&Cs apply.
*Happy Hour is not applicable on public holidays and special events

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