$1 Dumplings

Every Tuesday

Ditch the 2-minute noodles and come eat your body weight in dumplings (if you think you’re up for the challenge).
Our $1 dumplings are back and with them some tasty drink specials too!

Enjoy $1* Dumplings
*must be ordered in orders of 5

We’ll even be throwing down some super cool Hip-Hop beats with Dj Trey, making it the perfect early week experience to tempt you out of the house for!! Reserve a space and eat as many dumplings as you can muster for just a buck (in multiplications of 5).

We’re also putting on:

  • $5 Asahi too, because why not!!
  • $10 Yuzu Spritz
  • $24 Nikka Miyagikyo Whiskey
  • $21 Nikka Taketsuru Whiskey
  • $31 Nikka Yoichi Whiskey


Reserve space now by calling 02 9247 5500 and let’s see who can eat the most of these delicious morsels!

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