John Devecchis Talks NYE

BY The Argyle



What's your guaranteed party-starter song?
At the moment my guarenteed party starter is a recent edit of Geraldine Hunt's 1980 disco classic 'Can't Fake The Feeling'. Its such a powerful track. People who have never heard it before are tapping the their feet and nodding their heads by the time it reaches its first break. By the end of the track almost the entire room is grooving. Infectious to say the least.

Best thing about being a DJ on a night like NYE?
The best thing about djing on NYE is the electric vibe of the entire venue. People know they have the next day off work and have planned the night for months in advance so everybody can let their hair down unleash their party spirit. Even the buzz around the streets before the gig has you pumped up to play.

If you weren't Djing, how would you be spending NYE?
If I wasn't djing on NYE I would be partying. I know that sounds obvious, but in the past I had said that I would stay in and enjoy a quiet night away from the crowds. But I tried that two years ago and it was quite boring. At the very least I would go out for dinner with friends and have a nice meal. Sitting at home watching bad TV coverage doesn't cut it at the moment I'm afraid. 

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