Frequenting the decks of some of the countries’ hottest venues, including The Argyle, Kristy Lee Peters’ is a seasoned pro known for a spontaneity that keeps people on their toes and dancing. With an inventory of accolades that keeps growing it is not long until she’s headlining Glastonbury and shopping with her new BFF Beyoncé. 

1. How would you describe your music?

Whatever will get people cutting up a rug - depending on my mood I could press play to anything.

2. What is your trademark? What do people know you for?

Dancing around and generally knowing all the words to every song. Hopefully soon people will know me for the songs that I write and sing as well.

3. When you’re not a DJ, what do you do with your time?

Write music... lots and lots of music. So much I force myself to make a trip outside to get coffee. I get extreme cabin fever.

4. What’s on the cards for you in the next couple of months?

Finishing all the music that I've been making and then getting it out there for everyone to hear.

5. What is the ultimate sign that you have made it in the music industry?

Having Beyoncé on speed dial! Ha - no, I would love to be doing live shows, touring around more - just taking it all up a notch. I look forward to being really really tired and working my butt off.

6. If you could choose any festival in the world to headline which one would it be?

Woah, good question... Glastonbury?? I'd be pretty happy doing the full Big Day Out national tour as well. Home turf!

7. What do you think is happening in terms of trends in the music scene?

I really try to not follow them. I don't own a TV and I rarely listen to the radio. I do notice more bands/artists touring around which is great. If only I didn't have to work nights and I could actually go see the shows...sigh (hint, hint - I missed out on seeing Prince recently).

8. Why do you like playing at The Argyle?

The cocktails are pretty darn fancy!

9. What’s your favourite album of all time?

I absolutely cannot answer that question!!! Who can answer that question, seriously? It's impossible to only pick 1.

10.  Tell us some quirky facts about yourself (don’t have to be music related)?

I am the most impatient person on the planet... EVER.

You can catch Kristy Lee at The Argyle this month. Click on the monthly DJ Line Up to see when she is playing next! 

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