Happy 2nd Birthday RSR!

BY The Argyle



In its second year of releasing their own label, The Random Soul boys Yogi & Husky are making a name for themselves in the music industry. We caught up with the boys to find out about their label, Sunday sessions at The Argyle and plans for 2012.  

Q - Firstly, congratulations on reaching you're second year of releasing on your own label, Random Soul Recordings! What was the idea behind the label?

A - Well we first launched the label in 2010 after finding the industry a little frustrating when trying to sign records. We were often pitching our music to overseas labels and having to wait for responses while our music was left on the shelf. We figured, why not just deal with the labels we really like from now on, and then for everything else, we'll just put it out ourselves! Little did we know the label would soon flourish and become a lot more important to us moving forward.


Q - What has been your favourite release to date?

A - A hard question, as we have liked all of them in some way or another. There are obviously a few we play/perform over and over and that have also had more commercial success than others. "Just Bounce" has been the biggest seller, and by far the best underground club tune we have done to date.


Our collaborations with Kristen Pearson have also seen some great results, with "Take Your Time" getting the most support from some of the world’s leading DJ's.


However you really can’t go past the funky soulful track "Hypnotize Me", which was licensed to last year’s Hed Kandi CD and got a stack of support from Grant Nelson.


Q - Have you worked with any other artists, or is the label only for your own music?

A - We are known for collaborating with friends and have had a number of these collaborations drop on the label. The most memorable would be with The House Inspectors, 2 great producers from Adelaide. The EP titled "Electric City" had 2 tracks reach the top 10 in the first 2 weeks on Traxsource, so we were stoked with that.  Another has been with Andy Ward (Soul Central/"Strings Of life"), and that was a great experience. It's a fun way to produce as you are often taken outside your comfort zone and will possibly see a fresh outlook on the project.


We have recently wanted to sign some other artists to the label, and think that will be the natural progression for the label as we move forward. We have a few people working on EP's for releases in early 2012.

Q - You have been running successful Monthly events for the label in the Reibey Room this year, as well as helping us bring in the New Year, what are the plans for the next 12 months?

A - For us we have loved doing "Takin It Back" in the Reibey room, as it is an opportunity to play the labels releases, expose the forth-coming tracks and also play our favourite club music to an intimate audience. So you will see us holding down our monthly in the Reibey room every month in 2012!

We have also done a bit of touring this year, playing in San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Minneapolis, Miami, Holland, Mallorca, Portugal, Singapore and around Australia so it’s always on the calendar to visit new places and spread the labels music. We are planning another tour at the moment for March 2012 in the USA, summer in Europe, as well as possible tours through Asia and the UAE.

Live in Mallorca - http://- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k66zUwtNIk
Live in Miami -  http:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p2vCw6tH28

Musically and for the label we are just going to keep pushing our favourite music and artists. There is no unique formula for running the label, we like being spontaneous and just doing what feels right at the time, so hopefully that will keep things interesting for the listener and fans too !

We have also been working on our first artist album that we are aiming to wrap up before that US tour in March. So watch this space.

Catch Yogi & Husky every Sunday at The Argyle and in the Reiby Room the first Saturday of every month presenting Takin it Back.