Got Sax?

BY The Argyle



If you've been to The Argyle on a Friday or a Saturday lately you will have seen and heard Mark "Lungs of Steel" Matthews belting out some amazing brass, sometimes even with a singing sidekick. We thought it was time to get to know him and his instrument a little better.

You might lead a double life. Can you tell me about the day time vs night time variations of Mark Matthews?

Mark Matthews is workaholic! haha. During the day during the week I work as a freelance photographer, taking profile photos of musicians and DJ's mainly. When I'm not doing that I'm at home writing music, I'll be watching photography/music tutorials on youtube! At night I like to keep fairly quiet, coffee with friends, movies with my girlfriend, just enough down time to pump me up for the Argyle on Saturdays!

Tell me about your music? How did you get into the sax?

I started playing saxophone in high school in Melbourne at around year 9,  I studied classical intensively for the next 4 years and changed to jazz studies in 2000. Moved to Sydney in 2003 to study Jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Music for me isn't limited to genre - anything can sound good if it's done right. I love all music, but I think Jazz for me is the top. I think house music does share some of its roots with jazz.

And how did photography get added to the reportoire?

I've always loved photography, my father was a keen photographer in his early
20's and I ended up buying a little Nikon D60 to play around on about 3 years ago. That started everything! Then in May last year I bought my pro camera and been working with it ever since! My gear of choice is Nikon and if there's any advice I can offer anyone - it's all about the light!

What do you think Saturday nights at The Argyle are all about?

I love Saturday nights because it's all about having a great night, for me it's about hanging out with good mates and playing great music, that isn't necessarily commercial, but of a high standard and quality. DJ Phil Hudson brings that to the table consistently, week in week out. He is one of the best DJ's I have ever worked with hands down.

(we love Phil too!)
What are your thoughts on music/club trends, what do people want to hear and what do they react well to?

I am finding more and more people are wanting a live music element to their night, and I think the Argyle does this very well. If anything I think that live music is coming back strong in Sydney - something that has definitely kept my interest in staying to help cultivate live music in Sydney. I think the Argyle is at the forefront of helping rejuvenate this live music culture in our city.

Live music is definitely top of our list at the moment! But now for the nitty gritty...any goss?

We're going to be graced with the presence of two amazing singers on Friday and Saturday nights - Chloe West and Nat Conway. Both are very good friends of mine and I STRONGLY suggest you see these powerhouse vocalists perform!

See Mark upstairs on Friday and Saturday nights @ The Argyle, keep an eye on the DJ line up for dates! You can also check out his blog, his Facebook and another piece on this site.