Random Soul take on Sundays!

BY The Argyle



We've missed the RS boys, Lawrence "Husky" Huskinson and Johann "Yogi" Willenberg, while they played every club in Europe but now they are back and their new night is on FIRE. Introducing: Random Soul Sundays!

While they were away we asked them a few questions...

How would you describe your music ?

Well i guess the name kinda gives us away, anything with 'Soul'… So that said that we are more known for our deep and soulful house.

What’s on the cards for Random Soul in the next couple of months?

At the moment we are touring Europe until the start of August, and after that we will return to Sydney with a whole stack of studio commitments. We have 2 remixes due at the end of August, as well as working on releases for our record label, Random Soul Recordings www.randomsoulrecordings.com). This keeps us busy most of the time, but we also have a lot of regular gigs in Sydney so that is something that keeps us on our toes. We have also been working on our first artist album, and we are aiming to come back and wrap that up before the next Winter Music Conference in Miami, so we can do a longer US tour around that.

Who is inspiring your music at the moment?

Well we are both lovers of a wide range of music, so we would say that we always draw inspiration from lot's of genre's and areas. However within the scene it is easy to be inspired by a lot of new talent that is always popping up and surprising us with new sounds and fresh angles on dance music. And of course we always look to the purveyors of our sound for inspiration, people like Miguel Migs, Jimpster, Ian Pooley, Jay-J, Joey Negro and many many others.

To be honest going out is a hard thing to do when you work in the scene, but when we do we like to be inspired and surprised. It's always nice hearing something you have never heard before instead of the same old tracks and styles.. so we love seeing eclectic dh's like dj Harvey (NYC) who often play a barrage of genre's.. none of which we would really play haha

What do you think is happening in terms of trends in the music scene?

I think the scene is getting hungry for going back to basics.. There seems to be a real thirst for 'live' music now, and this definitely works in our favour. Also the music is going back to a more classic sound, with people wanting to hunt down analog sounds and moving away from the same old saw bass sound.. We are enjoying this shift, and think that in the next few years, the diversity in the electronic music scene will be the best it has been in years.

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