Who is Tikki Tembo? Let's find out!

BY The Argyle



Tiki Tembo, aka Marcus Ng, is taking on Random Soul's Thursdays while the boys are touring Europe and can also be seen on any night on the weekend! We asked him a few questions...

Can you describe your style of music?
In a nutshell, mostly anything that has heavy doses of soul and funk in any genre from downtempo to house. Right now though, I'm mostly feeling the nu-disco sound. Hot Toddy, Satin Jackets, 6th Borough Project, Drop Out Orchestra are all on heavy rotation for me.

What is coming up in the life of Tikki Tembo?
Besides playing the regular spots in town such as Argyle, Ivy Den, Hemmesphere, Opera Bar & Water Bar, the life of Tikki Tembo is currently all about production. I've had a few releases this year on Kinjo, Diamondhouse & SHE so I'm just looking to build on that with a healthy catalog of tune ready for 2012 release.

What is happening in the club scene right now?
The 4/4 sound has never been more popular, with so many pop/RnB artist moving towards that sound. Generally though, feel-good positive sounds seems to have returned, which is a good thing in my book.

Seen and heard @ The Argyle?
Yes! Girls in skirts in the famous Argyle floating glass DJ booth... Their reaction; and the cheeky smiles from punters below. lol.

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