Feeling Husky

BY The Argyle



DJ Lawrence "Husky" Huskinson: 1 part of Random Soul and 4 parts Groove tells us a little bit about his music...

How would you describe your music?

I have always enjoyed all styles of house music.. but i would have to say 'groove' plays a large part in my music... no matter if it's deep, soulful, funky, techy or even down tempo stuff.. it's gotta have some swing to it ;)

What’s on the cards for Husky in the next couple of months?

Well it's full steam ahead really.. Random Soul (which is Yogi & myself) are touring Europe in July, playing some gigs in Portugal, Mallorca, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Groede (Holland) and Singapore. Then on the studio side of things I have been working on a few new collaborations. 2 Vocal tracks with Meital De Razon (Israel) and Louie Hale (LA) have been taking most of my time, as I am working on a new EP for Miguel Mig's label 'Salted'. I have also been cranking on some remix work for Jay-J, Joe Pompeo and Sonny Fodera's Label, Beatdown. All of which will hopefully be dropping before the end of the year. Add some local gigs to the mix, running a record label with Yogi and also monthly events.. it's a busy couple of months coming up for me !

Who is inspiring your music at the moment?

Well i always like to feel i am on top of fresh music, as i do a lot of music shopping. It's very easy to be inspired by the more stripped back producers at the moment, who are really taking things back to basics and just rocking on a tight groove with less distractions. This is always hard to achieve as a growing producer, as my solution when i get stuck on something is usually to add more things... when more often than not I should be taking things out.. haha.  So i guess people like Maya Jane Coles, Ray Foxx, Aki Bergen, Belocca, Soul Purpose, Central Ave, Ian Pooley, South of Roosevelt, Gramophonedzie and Sonny Fodera would be doing it for me the most right now..

What do you think is happening in terms of trends in the music scene?

I am always trying to be optimistic when answering this question.. because let's be honest, the music scene has gone through a very large shift in the last 20 years. I am confident things are looking up though, with a lot of the sounds coming out of Europe now going back to a more house driven groove.. The electronic movement is still going strong.. but i think punters are hungry for a more diverse range of music now, which is good news for lot's of cool sub genre's. 

See Husky on the decks tomorrow, Saturday 2nd July,  6-9pm and usually every Thursday with Yogi 6pm til close - we will miss him dearly while he is in Europe for the next month!

More details on Random Soul at www.randomsoulmusic.com